Feb 02, 2022
Speaker night - Phil Domaschenz
NTA – The difference Rotary makes

Wayne Jeffs to host the evening.

The Nusa Tenggara Association (NTA) is an accredited NGO which has to develop poor farming communities in eastern Indonesia for 30 years. These communities are amongst the poorest in the world, most are subsistence level farmers and the area records significant health issues. For 3 years the Rotary Club of Belconnen coordinated fund raising across Rotary clubs in the local district to support NTA activities. This presentation will cover how the Rotary funds were used.

Phil Domaschenz has over 4 decades of experience in natural resource management at local and national levels and worked on the management of urban landscapes, forests, national parks and fisheries. His employment has covered Indonesian natural resource issues for 2 decades and he was seconded to Indonesia for a year as Programme Management Specialist for a national coral reef management programme. He has been the Executive officer of the NTA for 8 years.