Through the financial support of Rotary Clubs, Australian Rotary Health has been able to fund successful research to help people live full and productive lives.  The current emphasis on Mental Health research is to help the 20% of Australians who will face a Mental Health issue at some time during their lives.  People in our Emergency Services, people we work with, people in our Clubs and Communities - our friends.

Through research grants your donation can help reduce the stigma these people face every day and importantly help them return to productive work and family life.

The following points briefly describing a few of the achievements of medical research in Australia funded by Australian Rotary Health.

  • SIDS - The incidence of SIDS (cot death) was reduced by 80%

  • Mental Health First Aid – a program now used in 22 countries to teach members of the public to recognise symptoms of mental health problems and how to give initial help.  

  • Cool Kids Program – 2 in 10 children experience anxieties, this world renowned program helps children and parents manage their children’s fears and worries.

  • Motor Neurone Disease - A simple urine test has been developed to detect and monitor the progression of motor neurone disease in patients.

  • Lung Transplant Program – patients are achieving a 95% survival rate after 2 years and the number of deaths while on the waiting list has reduced from 29% to 3%.

  • Youth Depression - A study has revealed that sleep problems precede depression episodes in adolescents therefore allowing early detection and intervention. 

  • Pancreatic Cancer - A current study has shown significant progress in reducing the growth and spread of pancreatic cancer. 

  • Diet - A recent study showed a link between ‘western style’ diets and depression.  Foods including processed meats, pizza, chips, hamburgers, white bread, sugar, flavoured milk and beer were associated with depression and anxiety.

Your donation not only helps us get closer to effective mental illness treatment and prevention strategies, but as you approach the end of the Rotary Year you can recognise your Club members; board or Community Members who have made significant contributions in your town.

A Certificate and a pin will be sent to the club for each person named a level of Friend and Companions receive a framed certificate and a pin with either a ruby, emerald or diamond chip to recognise their contribution.  For example, if your club donates $1,000 to Australian Rotary Health, you may choose to nominate 2 members as a “Bronze Friend”.  Contributions are cumulative and the following recognition levels are available:


Friend - $100
Bronze Friend - $500
Silver Friend - $1,000
Platinum - $2,000
Diamond Friend - $2,500


Companion - $5,000
Gold Companion - $10,000
Ruby Companion - $20,000
Emerald Companion - $50,000
Diamond Companion - $100,000


Making the world a better place is what Rotarians do best, make a donation and  become a Friend or Companion today.  To help you arrange the donation, please contact the team at Australian Rotary Health office on (02) 8837 1900 or  If you would like to know more about how your donations are used  or arrange for a Club guest speaker feel free to give the Director for your District Graeme Davies a call on 0416 275 363 or