Charnwood-Dunlop Probus Club
Chartered sponsored by the Belconnen Rotary Club

The Charnwood-Dunlop Probus club was sponsored of the Belconnen Rotary Club on 21st November 2019, under the auspices of then Rotary Club President John Mercer. The initial meeting was attended by Rotarians Len Glare and Bob Greeney representing  Rotary.

At its first interest meeting, the 15 people attending, under the guidance of Joshua Stojanovic of Probus South Pacific Limited, expressed the intention to proceed with chartering the new club immediately. And so at very short notice the “interest meeting” became the “Foundation Meeting”.

The foundation meeting established the Constitution and Rules for the new Probus Club, appointed key officers, and after much discussion settled on a name which recognised the region from which its members are drawn. The new club was named the Charnwood-Dunlop Probus Club. As the sponsors of the new Probus Club it was agreed that members of the Belconnen Rotary Club would be welcome to visit the Probus Club.

The Probus Club is now well established, meeting at 10 am on the  third Thursday of each month. Meetings typically include morning tea and a guest speaker or a business session. Social visits are arranged between club meetings.

Since Foundation, the club has grown to 28 members, with 12 more expressing interest.

Rotarians may be interested in helping the members of the Probus Club celebrate their first anniversary, COVID-19 permitting, at the club’s 19th November 2020 meeting.

The Charnwood-Dunlop Probus Club meets at St Bsarnabas’ Anglican Church in the Charnwood shopping precinct, at 10 am. Opposite end from Woolworth supermarket.
Bob Greeney, 
21st August 2020