By DGE Philip Archer, D9800 

We are working with Great Northern Brewing Co. and Bendigo Bank to ensure that we continue the appeal over November and December and re-start the appeal in the middle of January with strong social media and hopefully Channel 9’s help. 

As Rotary, we are looking to encourage our Clubs to have their first meetings in January as a fundraiser with the local Great Northern Brewing venue and Bendigo Bank Branch as a joint fund raiser. 

Whilst Great Northern Brewing Co. venues have completed their first Let it Pour campaigns, some of them are running further fundraising efforts such as raffles to complement their donations over the coming weeks. 

I have ongoing discussions with Channel 9 and have requested further support in the coming weeks to promote the 2019 Rotary Drought Appeal and for them to join us again in kick starting the program in 

January. We have also requested that once we have a reasonable total, that they promote the program again just before Christmas encouraging donations from the public. 

Channel 9 have also indicated that they have a corporate sponsor who is considering a sizeable donation. 

I appreciate the support from all our friends at Channel 9, Bendigo Bank and Great Northern Brewing Co. and look forward to working with them over the coming days to implement practical ideas that we have brainstormed including an approach to Australian businesses for their support.