The final meeting for the 2020-21 year was a fun evening.  Commencing with a meal and then hosted by incoming President Wayne, we had a few announcements.
Then Kylie-Anne shepherded the group to the main part of the club to enjoy the fun of playing Corn Hole.  We were hosted by 'Larry' who taught us the rules...
- teams of two, one each end
- taking it in turns to throw the bags at the corn hole board
- the aim is to get the bag into the hole for 3 points or at least on the board for 1 point
- the team with the most points deducts the losing team's points; which is the score. First team to 21 wins
Team Leo and Len were the overall winners, beating our visitors Hannah and Mark Vardy.  Hannah was one of our NYSF students this year and Mark is here father.  Hannah and her Dad took the chocolates on the evening, with Leo and Len receiving their prize at the upcoming meeting.