Club Finances
At the Club level, it has been largely uneventful. All members have either paid their 6-membership fee or are paying monthly as per our practice. Joker Poker as a meeting fundraiser is going well.
We have paid our District 9705 dues and our Rotary International dues for the July to December period. At some point, we will be billed for the Rotary Down Under dues, but this has been allowed
for in our budget planning. The only ‘unusual’ expenditure was to assist the family of our late member, John van Waterschoot when they came to Canberra for his funeral and to wind up his affairs.

Project Finances
The Market and the Crace property are both ticking over and there are no apparent issues of concern. The Market is vulnerable to new COVID restrictions being placed on it. Provided there are
no major adverse COVID events, the Market will continue to the financial driver for the Club and will enable us to support our key budgeted programs.

The key expenditures that we have made to date are:
$5000.00   Rotary Foundation General Fund
$5000.00   Rotary Foundation Polio Plus
$5000.00   Australian Rotary Health Fund
$  500.00   D9705 Children’s Emergency Fund
$1031.77   Bushfire projects
$6382.56   Recover Rehab Reuse /Distributions in Kind
$750.00 St Michael’s Kaleen for a reading program