JvW  "But what if I hadn't tried?"

The Club was well represented on Monday at JvW's today.  It was a cold and bleak day and the funeral was late in the afternoon.  Rotarians present were Leo, Fred and Pam, Peter Oldham, Peter Kain, John Mercer, David Southern, Saba Kahn, and Haida and Baz Passos.  John's sisters Mary and Anne had come down from Queensland along with his nephew Michael, and younger relatives Yannick Piechon, Alyssa Hickson, Hayley Gardner and Daniel Piechon.
We learned of John's early years at school where his enrolment in the local public school was denied on account of his disability.  The nuns at the local convent school accepted him and he was an A grade student from the start.  At 8 years of age John started at St Lawrence's College in South Brisbane and again was an A grade student right through to matriculation.  He couldn't play regular sport so he took up chess, became school champion and then State Champion.
John has left his entire estate to the College to provide ongoing schooling opportunities for Special Needs students.  John wasn't concerned at failing, his attitude was "But what if I hadn't tried?"  
He was an active Scout Leader, RYPEN and RYLA counsellor and motivational speaker, GSE team member, adventurer, and IT guru.  Well known for his attention to the minutest detail in anything he took on John was truly
"A gift to the world."