We have started the year with strong gains in membership, Applications have been received from four new members; we welcome John Wickett, Saba Khan, Matthew Thomas and Jon Stanhope. A fifth potential new member, Aidan Gordon who attended last week, has asked for information about the Belconnen Rotary Club, and hopefully he will complete his application in the near future. If anyone knows of a friend or colleague who is interested in Rotary, bring them along so they can see how our club works.

On Wednesday, 26th August, our program will look at membership, “Introducing New Members”.  It will take the form of a discussion with three members, each with different experience in the Belconnen Rotary Club, covering membership of many years, a few years and a member who joined recently. Hopefully, the discussion will lead to members participating in the discussion.

If you haven’t yet taken the opportunity to look at Rotary’s international website, log into MyRotary at https://www.rotary.org/en.  Once you get to the Home Page, click on MyRotary and register, or log in. There you will find a range of information from news items about clubs all over the world, what they do to attract new members, how they retain existing members (often more important)
and the sorts of projects they undertake in their regions, to training sessions tailored to suit new members. The sessions are “bite size” and varied; you’ll almost certainly find something of interest.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to answer those questions.
Bob Greeney