NTA East Indonesia Aid would like to thank the Interact Club of Narrabundah College for their recent very generous donation of $1,000. This is in addition to their $2,000 donation in 2017-18.
This was donated through the Rotary Club of Belconnen RAWCS project - the Rotary Small Grants (East Indonesia) Project, which raises support from various Rotary associated Clubs in District 9710.
This is a very significant amount for a school group to raise and demonstrates a lot of hard work and commitment. This donation has significantly improved the lives of a number of people.
Key achievements
2018-19 ($1000 donated)
  • 15,000 litre household water tank for Palolito Farming Collective, West Timor
  • Toilet for the Tunas Baru Kindergarden, West Timor
  • Open water tank to help with crop irrigation for the Pancaran Kasih farming group, Semau Island, West Timor 
2017 ($2000 donated)
  • 18 teachers from 4 primary schools and 1 high school in the central West Timor highlands were provided with a 3 day training course.
  • This work is critical for equipping and encouraging untrained teachers with some basic skills to guide their practical teaching implementation
  Students from West Timor                    Classroom in West Timor
Some facts on the region
  • The people in this area are some of the poorest in the world.
  • This region is subject to a long dry period known as the “hunger season”. During the dry season food and water are in short supply.
  • These are some of Australia’s closest and most important neighbours. Yet they are some of the poorest people in the world with 30% living below the poverty line.
  • The secondary school enrolment rate of 39% in the Nusa Tenggara Timur province is dramatically below the Indonesian average (80% in 2003/04, according to UNESCO).
  • Lack of clean drinking water, sanitation, and health facilities means that child malnutrition (32%) and child mortality (71 per 1000) are higher than in most of the rest of Indonesia.
  • Maternal and infant mortality are high partly because of poor access to health facilities in isolated rural areas.
  • More than 40% of the teachers are “honorary teachers” from local villages that have studied at high school but have no training or experience in teaching. The honorary teachers have the best of intentions but to be effective they need every bit of encouragement and assistance we can provide. The 2017 Interact funded course is course provided honorary teachers with an introduction to the curriculum they are required to teach and to some basic teaching techniques.
Household water tank for Paloilito Farmer Group, West Timor highlands,
Household water tanks make a very significant difference to the lives of families. This significantly increases the supply of clean and reliable water. It frees people up from the burden of carting water often for several kilometres and this means the children can attend school more and the adults can devote more time to growing food and producing incomes.
In the Palolito farming group they have an unusual situation. There are 22 families living in close proximity and they rely on a spring for their water. But the spring often dries up and they then have to carry the water from a distant source. But now when the spring is flowing they can fill the tank and this significantly improves water availability for the 22 families.  
Photograph: The recipient of the tank is named Simon P. Benu. Others in the photograph include Leo Lasa, Marheda Puang, Ruth Puay, Cahtri Puay, Harlen Tetu, Dito Ola, Rano Puang and Ardiran.
Toilet for Paud (Kindergarden) Tunas Baru, West Timor
The name Paud Tunas Baru translates to “New flower Buds Kindergarden” The word Tunas means bud but also has a broader meaning of “ray of hope”. NTA has supported this kindergarden since 2016 and the students currently number 7 girls and 6 boy. Kindergardens are recognised as an important step in preparing children for school.
In total there are 2 teachers and both are “Honorary Teachers” with no formal qualifications. The head teacher is Ibu Yance Koen. Currently they use the house of Ibu Yance for classes, but plan to build a separate building for the Kindergarden just a few metres away. NTA is supporting costs for the foundations which are being established this year.
Photograph: Pak Aben (Community Group Leader), John Mercer (Belconnen Rotary) and Don Bosko (NTA) in front of toilet and wash facility donated by Narrabundah Interact to Paud Tunas Baru.
Water Tank for Irrigation – Semau Island West Timor
Photograph: Pancaran Kasih Farming Group in Oibao village, Semau Island West Timor 
Some groups are fortunate enough to have access to ground water. This can provide the opportunity for significant access to reliable water. NTA has been working with this group since 2005 and over that time they have gradually improved their situation. As part of this assistance they have dug a well (wells in the area are 5-15 metres deep) and purchased a pump. Now with the new open tank they can pump water from the well and then water their crops using buckets filled from the tank.
The Pancaran Kasih Farming Collective is composed of 6 families that all work on the land owned by one of the members. They share the electricity cost for the water pump but other than that they all work on their own crops. All together they produced approximately 3 tonnes of red onions. This is sold for approximately $2000 giving each family an income of just $300. But from this income they also need to pay for seed, fertiliser and pesticides. They also produce some maize, chilly and vegetables. 
Photograph: Irrigated garden in Oibao Village
Teacher Training Program in Mio, West Timor Highlands
The training was conducted from 13 to 15 October 2017 with a $2000 donation from Narrabundah Interact.
The course concentrated on familiarising teachers with the national school curriculum and how to teach it. The new K13 curriculum is being progressively introduced over 3-4 years and requires a rather different approach to the old format. This kind of training is invaluable for teachers who receive no other guidance on how to implement the new curriculum. Basic teaching techniques were also covered. 
The recipients requested that their gratitude be passed onto Narrabundah Interact. NTA would also like to express its gratitude for this very generous contribution.  
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