In September, you will see some exciting changes to Rotary's flagship magazine. After nearly 110 years, The Rotarian is now called Rotary, a name that recognizes the breadth of the organization’s membership — especially the Rotaractors who represent Rotary’s future. In addition, the name change supports the organization’s strategic goal of growing awareness of Rotary and strengthening our global brand. And as Rotary,the organization’s flagship publication better aligns with the 33 regional magazines published around the world.

Our redesign didn’t stop at the cover. Inside, we’ve rethought everything with the goal of better reflecting Rotary’s energy and diversity. We worked hard to incorporate the old and new elements into an overall design that enlivens the reading experience and engages as it informs. You will notice more call-outs and more numbers; more charts, graphs, and infographics.

Last fall, when The Rotarian talked with Holger Knaack, we wondered what Rotary might anticipate from his presidency. “Expect something different,” he replied. In the months and years ahead, expect exactly that fromRotary: something different — and yet, in the quality of the writing, in our focus on the great achievements of Rotarians and their clubs, and in our celebration of the values that have sustained Rotary since 1905, something entirely the same.