The traditional nature of ‘fellowship’ is often acknowledged in Rotary clubs and one way this is often extended more widely throughout the Rotary world is through Rotary Fellowships.

The Whiskey D.R.A.M Fellowship is one of these, commencing in 2015 for Rotarian's with an appreciation of Whiskey (Whisky). This fellowship was officially sanctioned in August of 2016 by Rotary International, having over 350 members in 29 countries.

The fellowship supports the charitable arm of Rotary with monetary giving to 'clean water initiatives'.In Christchurch, just up the road from

the Christchurch Town Hall, at 834 Colombo Street, we have Whisky Galore, New Zealand's premier supplier of Single Malt Scotch Whisky, ably run by Michael and Stella Fraser-Milne since 1993 and now with a cohort of Scots and Kiwi staff, passionate about all things...whisky!

The store has a selection of over 750 whiskies from Scotland, with an eclectic variety of gins, sipping rums, other fine spirits including bourbon and Irish, Japanese, Australian whisky’s from around the world, including gift ware.

In an endeavour to establish a ‘Down Under’ Chapter of the Rotary Whiskey Fellowship, combined with sponsorship with the French Bakery, (run by a local Rotarian and one of our supporters), we have organised a on Saturday afternoon the 21sta 1.5hr tasting, accompanied by platter food, ‘inaugural function’ – special ‘Breakout session’ from 2pm, at Whisky Galore – 834 Colombo St. Ceud Mile Failte!

The "Tasting" charge is yet to be advised, however this event is limited to 70. Further information will be on the conference website. To pre-register for this event, email Gary Masters