Annie Zubah helping prepare beds for shipment to the  Jaffna Teaching Hospital in Sri Lanka.  

Annie, together with her husband Josiah and family members and friends, assisted loading of 2x40 shipping containers with the beds donated by ACT Health, Jindalee Nursing Home, Aruma and members of the community.  Aruma is a community disabled care service which has previously donated three electric wheelchairs that have gone to Lagos through our Nigerian contact in Queanbeyan. 

Others involved during the during the day included Rod Gardiner, Gordon Calcino and Brian Kilday, as well as Brian Goldstraw, Bill Wattam, Kyle and Harry Fawke.  

As we understand it, the Zubah family are Liberian refugees made up of Annie, her mother, and her husband Josiah along with one girl and four boys; two of whom assisted our container packing exercise. Fred understands that the family left Liberia for their family safety during major civil unrest and the Ebola outbreak.  After arrival in Australia Annie was a member of Rotary in Adelaide and later Canberra Club.  The parents returned to Liberia and have acquired property for the express purpose of creating a community for Ebola orphans. On return to Australia Annie, who volunteers at St Andrew’s in Hughes, found her club had changed its meeting date and time which precluded her from continuing her membership.