Our fun evening on the 28th July had the added company of South Australian Greg Casson from the Rotary Club of Goolwa.  Greg had popped over to Canberra to see his grand children and had been detained with the Covid restrictions.
Kylie-Anne arranged a fun evening of teams having to build the highest tower using spaghetti and marshmallows. 
In teams of 3, we saw Wayne, Bob and Len heading off at an almighty pace - getting to their second level within a few minutes. But then they stalled.
David, Lynda and Soma (definitely the chief engineer) took the 'clue' from Kylie-Anne about ensuring the structure had integrity and reached their third storey.  David even came with a tape measure - you never know when you'll need one.
Team Rod, John and Dennis decided they needed a 'working group' to set up a sub committee to create a strategic plan prior to commencement.  Carol feeling she would be there all night asked the kitchen staff to supply a meal (for sustenance).  We hear the team may still be in attendance working through their creation.
Peter, Tony and Katy went for a different approach.  Tony was seen on his mobile seeking the 'share prices' for spaghetti and marshmallows.  Was Peter O overheard asking the club's kitchen staff if they had a grill available to toast his 'tower'?
The next fun night will be the fourth meeting in September.  Suggestions to Kylie-Anne please.