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Stall sites are obtained on a first – come – first - served basis as it is not possible to pre-book or otherwise reserve a market site. Each site is essentially defined as a single marked car parking space and multiple sites may be occupied.

The reservation of stall spaces by any means, including the use of boxes, ropes, or trestles to block access to stalls is not permitted unless accompanied by a personal presence.

While the market commences at 7am, stallholders are encouraged to attend a little before that time as safe vehicle movement through the market area during busy times can be difficult. Because of significant safety issues caused by vehicles through the market, particularly on busy days, vehicles entering the market area must do so before 07.15am on the day of the market and vehicles will not be permitted to enter the area after 07.15am (emergency vehicles excepted).  Vendors wishing to move their vehicle out of the market area prior to 11.30am must only do so with a Rotarian escorting them.  The maximum speed in the market at all times is 5kph and pedestrians always have the right of way.      


The Rotary Club of Belconnen Inc. reserves the right to determine what goods may be offered for sale at the market in accordance with the permit granted to it by the ACT Government for operation of the market. A list of Prohibited Items is detailed elsewhere on this website.

Stallholders shall comply with all appropriate laws of the ACT.

Fees will be collected from each stall by Rotary Club members from 7.30am. Should you not pay your fee at this time, you may be required to leave the market. Fees payable are detailed in the Costs of a Stall section of this website.

The Club accepts no responsibility for any transaction entered into within the market.

Stallholders shall operate their stalls in a safe manner and subject to the Conditions of Entry available from the yellow van (adjacent to the Main Gate) and detailed elsewhere on this website.

Stallholders are required to take all unsold goods and waste with them at the conclusion of their stall operation.