Due to COVID-19, we no longer meet "in person". for the time being..
We now meet via Zoom Video Conferencing.
If you would like to "attend", please send an email to attendance@belconnenrotary.org.au
Normally meetings are held at the Raiders Club, 155 Hardwick Crescent in Holt ACT, every Wednesday 7:00pm to 8:00pm except for Special Events or Social Meetings on the 5th Wednesday of the month. No meals are served at meetings, but self-serve coffee and tea is available. There is an attendance fee of $4.
You can order and pay for a Bistro meal and sit together at our weekly reserved table from 5:45pm onwards.
There is no requirement to advise us if you are having a Bistro meal.
For Special Event meetings when we will have a meal, Members, Honorary Members and Friends of Rotary, will be notified and you are required to register for you and your guests through an event link. Payment for Special Events is available when you book in through the event link. Please regularly check the meetings program in the right-hand column of the Home Page for up to date details. Special Events will be widely advertised and you will receive an invitation via email. The email will contain a link to allow you to either register and pay, or to register as Declined.
Last Updated: 01-Sep-2019