Membership Pricing and Payment

Members are invoiced in June and December of each year for their membership of the Club for the next 6-month period. Members are required to pay 50% of the annual membership fee prior to the start of each 6-month period.  With the agreement of the Treasurer, members may pay the membership fee on a monthly basis. The membership fees are reviewed in May/June of every year as part of setting the Club’s budget setting process.
On payment of their membership fee, members receive an updated statement of account which will set out all charges and payments received in respect of membership and membership related matters. Statements will be provided to any member on request or any other time that the Treasurer considers appropriate. Members are not charged for the provision of a statement.
The Club is invoiced by Rotary International and the Rotary District each year on a per capita basis and most of the membership fee is applied towards those charges. As neither Rotary International or the Rotary District will refund payments should a Rotarian cease to be a member of the Club, the Club does not refund membership fees should a member cease to be a member for any reason. However, the Club will if requested facilitate the transfer of a financial member to another Rotary club. It is a decision of that other Rotary club as to what credit the transferring member should receive in respect of their membership.

Event Pricing and Payment

The Club will invite members and their guests to club events throughout the year. All events will be advertised on the Club website, in the Club Bulletin and by email to all financial members. The price for the event will be set out in the invitation.
Members are required to register for all events via the Club website. They will receive email advice of their registration and if paying by credit card, will receive an email confirming payment.
While not preventing the Club from hosting other events, major events of the Club during the year are likely to be:
  • Club birthday in April
  • Changeover of Club officers in June
  • District Governor’s Official Visit in the first half of the financial year
  • Presentations to members of the community such as the Vocational Excellence Awards in October
  • Christmas function in December
Refunds to members and guests who cannot attend an event that they have paid for will only be paid if the Club is advised in sufficient time to advise the provider of the venue and meal so as to not be charged. Members and guests who are not able to attend at short notice, are encouraged to send a friend or family member in their place.
Created: 27 October 2019