Service defines Rotary's character; whether local or international, it promotes Rotary's appeal and visibility in the community, and is the reason Rotary continues to grow.

Community Service responds to the needs of a local community - generally in the expanding Belconnen satellite of the Australian Capital Territory. To that end, the Rotary Club of Belconnen is very active. Apart from some major projects in recent years, especially Rotary Cottage at Calvary Hospital, many smaller and often continuing contributions are made.

Each calendar year is highlighted with our annual Christmas Hamper event. From a base of 150 hampers, now over 200 are prepared each December. These are distributed to smaller community organisations in the Greater Belconnen region for their needier families.

Support is not necessarily monetary. Club members also participate actively in a variety of ways, including: BBQs, advisory support, committees of other organisations, and so forth.