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Do I Need Insurance?

The insurance cover held by the Club does not include public liability for Stallholders.
Stallholders are required to obtain their own public liability insurance.

Does the market run every Sunday?

Yes, the only Sunday the market will not run is Christmas Day if it falls on a Sunday.

How much does it cost to visit the market?

Market patrons are encouraged to make a donation at one of the three entry points to the market.

What is on sale at the market?

Regular offerings include: a wide range of second hand goods normally available at garage sales, arts and crafts, fruit and vegetables, plants and other gardening supplies, hardware, new and used clothing, tools, furniture, artworks and other collectables.

Under the terms of the Club's lease with the ACT Government, some specified goods may not be sold at the market – refer to the separate listing of Prohibited Items on this website.

How much does it cost to have a stall at the market?

Read about Becoming a Stallholder and the Costs to Hold a Stall.

Can I book a stall at the market?

During COVID-19 restrictions bookings are essential.  Please see Becoming a Stallholder

Can I sell food at the market?

The Sale of foods is permitted in the market so far as it complies with the food safety requirements of the ACT given below:

Food Stall Registration Requirements

Under the Food Act 2001 all stalls (unless exempt) selling food at the market must have a current ACT Food Business Registration with ACT Health – Health Protection Service.

To apply for an ACT Food Business Registration please visit:

Exemption from Food Business Registration

Eligible non-profit community organisations that sell for fundraising purposes are exempt from the Food Act 2001 and are not required to register with the Health Protection Service.

To find out if you are eligible for exemption, please visit:

All stallholders selling food are advised to read through the Food Stall Guidelines to ensure they understand their obligations when operating a food stall.

The Guidelines can be accessed here:

For any questions regarding the ACT guidelines please contact the Health Protection Service on 6205 1700 or email