From its beginning in 1905, Rotary has always had a very strong commitment to service through the vocation of its members. This continues to this day.

We offer acknowledgement, encouragement and support in Vocational pursuits. This is provided in various ways by Awards, Programs and Scholarships.

We also strive to further our own knowledge by undertaking, where possible during each Rotary year, visits to businesses or enterprises to learn how the operate. Some recent visits have included Foodish and the National Health Co-Operative.

Apart from those we recognise through Awards, Programs and Scholarships who provide feedback to our membership through attending a meeting, we also have a diverse range of Guest Speakers and subjects.

The committee may be contacted at:


Details about our school/college level awards and scholarships can be found on our New Generations web page.

We presently support three scholarships valued at $5,000 each for students at the University of Canberra. For all three, special criteria apply. For the two General Scholarships further criteria apply and the Nursing Scholarship is course specific. Detail is on the University of Canberra website and applications are lodged through the MYUC Student Portal.

The University of Canberra will compile a short-list of applicants. This is provided to our club where the final selections are determined.


The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is a six day residential program held in January each year for young people aged 18 – 25 years; it is an opportunity to enhance their personal development and leadership potential.

A challenging six day program, D9710 RYLA offers a unique opportunity for motivated individuals to access some influential and inspirational speakers and trainers.  With presentations, workshops and exercises, attendees will be introduced to concepts of effective leadership

Further details are on the District website.


Candidates for the New Generation Service Exchange program need to be aged between 20 and 30. The exchanges are for a maximum of 12 weeks (including private travel) and must include a vocational/study opportunity.

Further details are on the District website.


Each year our club seeks to present a number of Vocational Excellence Awards. These awards are presented to individuals or businesses who have demonstrated outstanding levels of achievement in their vocation and whose achievements have made a contribution, generally at a local level.

The awardee/s must also have displayed a commitment to high ethical standards and have contributed significantly to the advancement of their profession. The awards are presented at a club meeting, usually in October, which is Rotary’s designated month for Vocational Service on the annual calendar.


In 1986, members Hans Milton and Phil McElligott of our club, approached the National Gallery of Australia with a proposal. The “Rotary Collection of Art by Young Australians”, was launched at the National Gallery by club President Bob Greeney and National Gallery of Australia Director James Mollinson on the 23rd April 1986. The project aimed to foster and encourage young, recently established and newly emerging Australian artists by providing funds for the acquisition of their works.

The first acquisition in June that year was an untitled work by a then young Sydney artist, Tim Maguire.

The club continues to make an annual contribution to the NGA to further grow this collection. Support from other Rotary clubs has also been provided with the collection continuing to expand, now encompassing a wide variety of mediums and artists.


Within Rotary there exist many fellowships. These Fellowships are independent groups of Rotarians, their partners, family members, Rotaractors, alumni and program participants who have a similar interest or passion and are organized around a specific vocational or recreational interest.  Being part of a fellowship is a fun way to make new friends around the world. To offer an example, some of the Fellowships are:

More detail on Rotary Fellowships from Rotary International’s website