Speaker Date Topic
Steve Hill - D9705 Protection Officer Apr 28, 2021
District Youth Protection biennial update

At District's PETS in February PE Wayne and Club Youth Protection Officer Kylie-Anne were advsied we need to ensure all documentation is submitted.  This session will update members to the path of ensuring our club is compliant.


Speaker night - AFP May 05, 2021
Update on phone scams and how to protect ourselves

We will be hosting ACT Policing's Lina - Seniors Liaison Officer - Community Safety and Jane - Liaison Officer - Community Engagement Team

Club Assembly night May 12, 2021
Last time to review our yearly projects and programs to see that they are tracking
Speaker night - John Freehan May 19, 2021
Australia's Dung Beetle expert
Australia's Dung Beetle expert

We have found out all about the relationship between some ants and caterpillars.

Now its time to learn about dung beetles from Australia's leading expert.

Social night - with a story from our PE- Wayne May 26, 2021
Dinner and social night at The Clubhouse
Speaker night - The Bee Man Jun 02, 2021
Lets learn about the man who attends TnT

Audrey will introduce this speaker

Training Night - Clubrunner, MYRotary Jun 09, 2021
Leo will give a training session on everything we need to know about Rotary online
Speaker night - Jun 16, 2021
Changeover Night Jun 23, 2021
Farewell to Dylan .......Hello Wayne