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Call for Nominations - Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA 2022-23)

The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) are a comprehensive 7-day programme run in January for young people aged 18 to 30 to learn all things about leadership. We cover topics such as leadership theory, character strengths, social awareness, empathy, mental health and resilience, budgeting, ethics, conflict resolution, goal setting, time management, and more. We also have practical activities for participants to test out their leadership styles and learn more about themselves.

Nominations are open now and close on 31 October 2022. Contact: Vocational@belconnecrotary.org.au

When is RYLA? 

RYLA will be held from Saturday 7th to Friday 13th January 2023 at the Warrambui Retreat, Conference Centre in Murrumbateman NSW. Participants should arrive between 1 pm and 2 pm on Saturday 7th Jan and expect to finish around lunchtime on Friday 13th Jan. 

Who should attend RYLA?

Any young person who has shown some leadership potential! This might be someone who has already held a leadership position, or someone who is looking to learn more about themselves. It could also be a young person looking for some guidance and a new opportunity. 

Please advise Vocational Director Dennis Puniard of any potential nominees ASAP so the club can conduct a selection interview, and if the nominee is deemed suitable, to complete an application to be sent to District by 31 October.

Contact Dennis by email at vocational@belconnenrotary.org.au

More information is available on the District Website, including an information pack.

5 questions about Environmental projects 

With Karen Kendrick-Hands 

Communications director, Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group (ESRAG) 

1. How does the environment fit into Rotary’s areas of focus? 

2. Why did ESRAG publish a handbook with environmental project ideas? (Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group) 

3. Can you describe some of the project suggestions? 

4. What inspired ESRAG’s collaboration with UNEP? 

5. Are Rotarians getting more involved in environmental projects? 

• Download your copy of the ESRAG-UNEP handbook at esrag.org/esrag-unep-handbook. • Illustration by Viktor Miller Gausa 

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For the love of dogs

Members of a Korean Rotary Club help at a dog shelter

More than US$2 million collected for Turkey, Syria after earthquake

Rotary members continue to provide relief a year later to those affected

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